A story not unlike many others…

Ambitious and career driven, yet longing not to lose her crap completely, Cassie elects to stay home with two little ones until they are of sufficient age and maturity to attend school all day. Or, until they can successfully draft a persuasive essay stating they’d prefer Mom seek employment outside the home; whichever comes first.


Like most new SAHMs, over the course of 3 years Cassie is exposed to the multitude of parenting styles adopted by her peers: determining conclusively that there are too many options, too much judgment, and simply not enough dessert.

Her journey isn’t just about decent parenting, or navigating marriage with kids. Its also about finding purpose outside of these things; utilizing her skills, activating her passions, and trying desperately to figure out what God’s plan is for her.

So read on readers, and be sure to leave some feedback – but only positive. [delicate ego]