Kindergarten Jitters

We have a nervous girl in our house. My oldest, Olivia, is on the precipice of pre school graduation, and is thoroughly excited to be a Kindergartener this fall. Yes, that would make me the nervous girl. I’m generally fearless in life, with the obvious exception of icky bugs, so these nerves are a new feeling for me.

Olivia turns five just days before school starts, making her a bit on the younger side, and I guess I’m letting that affect what I know, which is, she is totally ready. We had her last parent teacher conference tonight where we were assured she is socially, academically, mentally, thoroughly, ready.

Celebrating the end of the school year with gusto!

We even went to ‘Family Night’ at Moose Hill a couple weeks ago, which was a smashing success. I loved how all the teachers opened up their classrooms and allowed the Kindergarteners-to-be and their tag-along siblings all access. Hayden got lost pretty quickly in the buckets of cars and old fashioned telephones (the ones with the curly cords that really shouldn’t be called old-fashioned because I distinctly remember twirling my finger around the cord and sometimes my hair, talking to my BFFs, like, yesterday*.)

*Its possible this was 20 years ago.

We even got ourselves a bright green Moose Hill t-shirt, and an adorable Moose keychain, donning a bright green t-shirt. Olivia really appreciated the use of a Moose for Moose Hill. I think the fact that the Moose was wearing a Moose Hill T-shirt may have made her brain explode (in the best way).

We are ready. Right?

Olivia here, clearly demonstrating her maturity level is certainly Kindergarten ready

I have always approached each new milestone for my young kids as a blessing, with hardly any bitterness in the bitter-sweetness of it all. I bid a fond farewell to so many stages: diapers, the crib, the pacifier, the onesies. I was very ready to leave the grunting-gesture phase when they are too lazy to learn to talk. And I especially enjoyed saying goodbye to our middle-of-the night meals, where I supplied the nutritious food and delightful company, and Olivia, (and later Hayden), thoughtfully provided the full diapers and demanding bellies. Beautiful memories, but ones I was ready to leave behind. And instead, I enjoyed the excitement of new adventures yet to come.

Again, very mature, clearly ready…

Perhaps when your first-born hits this milestone, its okay to feel a little nervous, and a little apprehension. I am certainly not the first Mom to get the flutters over the big school bus coming to take her daughter away forever a couple hours. And while I may not shed tears on the first day of school (no promises), I will be the mom documenting, photo-by-photo, (and a video if I have time,) of her first big girl steps onto the big girl bus, heading to her first day of big girl Kindergarten.




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