15 Signs You Are Officially Past ‘SURVIVAL MODE’

You were welcomed into parenthood with a tiny newborn cry followed quickly by the sweetest moment of your life until now: reaching out your arms to hold, and meet, for the very first time, your sweet squishy baby.

Or in my case, a newborn toddler (more rolls than a sushi bar)

After that first meeting, you dive right into your first day of parenting, sans orientation, (probably because you chose to nap instead.) And enter what I fondly refer to as, SURVIVAL MODE.

If you’re in SURVIVAL MODE, you probably know it because most of your life is centered on the most basic needs: sleeping and eating. Who’s getting what and how can we all get more?

You’ll also recognize survival mode by the influx of cooked meals and ogling new-baby-head-sniffers into your home. (You should be so lucky). Also these comments in public, when you bravely leave your home:

How ARE you?

Is baby letting you sleep?

You look tired.

You look GREAT…. considering you just had a baby

As you start to get your act together, no rush, you may notice
your priorities and concerns switch from ‘how am I supposed to function today?’ to ‘how can I be more productive today?’ Or maybe instead of thinking ‘when is the last time I ate?’ you’re thinking, ‘when is the last time I cooked?’ which is a major improvement, I swear.

As the fog lifts and you see the mess it left it left in its wake, take heart knowing this is the tide turning, the light at the end of the tunnel, the sentence with too many metaphors, you get it.

These are the clues that you’ve officially left survival mode:

  1. 90% of the time, your diaper bag has diapers in it (You totally got your act together)
  2. Your older kid(s) have less tardiness this semester than you did senior year
  3. You do date night. Regularly. And you’re home after 9:30pm. You wild animal.
  4. >50% of people living in your home have brushed hair daily
  5. Coffee is now considered purely enjoyable rather than critical to your daily survival (ha. Totally kidding.)
  6. You know what color the bottom of the hamper is
    Empty Laundry Baskets: Observe the children in a state of delirium over this wondrous day
  7. The glue that holds your wardrobe together is not (entirely) soft and stretchy leggings
  8. Your day planner has plans in it
  9. img_0600-1Your makeup wasn’t purchased during the pharmacy run for diapers
  10. Playing with your toddler doesn’t include the quiet game, and the pretend nap game.
  11. Baby nap times are not always mommy nap times
  12. The idea of a trip to the store with the kids in tow doesn’t make you want to nap.
  13. The idea of being intimate with your husband doesn’t make you want to nap
  14. Your wildest fantasies are not [always] nap-related
  15. And finally, you can envision life with another kiddo. You may not like the picture you see, but you know if it did happen, some day, down the road, you could handle that too.

If this sounds like you, more or less, say a fond farewell to the SURVIVAL MODE phase of your life. Appreciate what it taught you – you can survive anything. [And that sleep is totally underrated.]

Cassie Gudek | January 31st 2017

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