January 5th 2017 | Cassie Gudek

This is the day I first caught Hayden on his [now daily] fact finding mission: what happens when I dump a full glass of water on the floor?

Result? Well, some of us laughed (daddy) others scold (big sister) and still others grab their iPhone because they know it’s pretty cute when your toddler steals the bathroom footstool and makes himself a water on the rocks.
You see, Hayden’s glass is most always half full. Except, of course, when it’s on my floor.

So, some interesting combination of becoming a parent, gracefully exiting my 20s, and lots of self-indulgent soul searching has forced me to adopt a positive outlook on what others might consider a generally chaotic time in my life. There’s always a silver lining and I am pretty gifted in finding one for every dark cloud threatening to rain on my kids’ latest sidewalk chalk creation.

I’ve decided this phase of my life I’m finished stressing about the mess; instead I’ll live in it and soak it up. I’m done planning and worrying about the future; instead I’ll be living in the moment. And I’m most certainly done with endless comparisons on my parenting, my children, my decisions, and my marriage. I’m seeing life through new eyes, and I’m pretty damn proud of it all.

Glass Half Spilled is failing to be the perfect parent, the perfect wife, the perfect person. And instead, living in the MESS. And not missing a second of it. It’s an honest look at the hard parts, and being present for the good stuff. It’s absurd situations we parent ourselves into. Join me on this adventure, its basically a very lovely family dinner out; we’ll appreciate the humor of total disaster, and thank God it wasn’t our kids… this time.

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